October 11

Brot – love at breakfast

The first time we went to Brot, I ordered the huevos estrellados. I believe I was under the impression that meant they were scrambled. To drink, I was done with hearing of Colombia’s famous chocolate caliente. Dipping cheese in a children’s winter treat didn’t strike me as immediately appealing. But as curiosity has a way […]

October 08


Una flor para volver a sonar: A flower to dream again. What a whimsical title, and so fitting for this lovely and sometimes surreal exhibition. In its sixth season, the Green Heart Foundation (Fundación Corazón Verde) has installed Aflorarte around the perimeter of Parque 93. Sixty artists are represented, all Colombian with the exception of […]

October 07


This was one of the restaurants we heard about pretty much upon arrival in Bogota. Very popular with the American (U.S.) population here.  Advertised as a transplanted piece of Brooklyn style serving down-home comfort fare, Gordo (translation: fat or fatty) claims to have something for the burger-lover in all of us. Saturday night, we decided […]

September 27

Crepes and Waffles

Chain establishments are pretty much impossible to write about objectively. By their very definition, these businesses have experienced remarkable success. This makes them ripe for hyper-critical judgment. It’s so much more gratifying to extol the many virtues of your gritty, undiscovered hole-in-the-wall than to begrudgingly acknowledge that Bogota’s McDonald’s experienced an epiphany of deliciousness when […]

Por que no ahora?

The first time I interact with Colombians, I am always rude. I am rude: why? I am terrified that Spanish will not only embarrass, but fail me. Because fear jostles up alongside me, demanding an invitation to every new exchange, I scramble through the inaugural encounter. In cahoots with this anxiety, most of my hard-won […]

September 19

Any Given Sunday

That American football doesn’t permeate the lives of Colombians – or anyone outside the US, for that matter – is a tautology. Here in Bogota, as in all of Latin America, futbol dominates. A fun fact: on major game days, when prominent Colombian clubs face off against one another, no alcohol is served. It’s the […]

September 17

Observations: Surreal and Wondrous

After traveling for the better part of August, I returned home only to be thwarted once again by Bogota’s cantankerous wi-fi; reestablishing any semblance of a routine has stayed consistently elusive. But on this joyous day, our movistar internet rebooted of its own accord, and here we go. Many months ago, during my second week […]