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October 16

The Big Game

The color here is yellow. On Friday, everywhere I look, they’re selling neon jerseys. Flower vendors, traveling kiosk stands, the regular park entrepreneurs. I should have bought one. A friend of mine reserved a group table at El Sitio, which I recently learned means simply: The Place. I like the name. Hey, you wanna get […]

Por que no ahora?

The first time I interact with Colombians, I am always rude. I am rude: why? I am terrified that Spanish will not only embarrass, but fail me. Because fear jostles up alongside me, demanding an invitation to every new exchange, I scramble through the inaugural encounter. In cahoots with this anxiety, most of my hard-won […]

September 17

Observations: Surreal and Wondrous

After traveling for the better part of August, I returned home only to be thwarted once again by Bogota’s cantankerous wi-fi; reestablishing any semblance of a routine has stayed consistently elusive. But on this joyous day, our movistar internet rebooted of its own accord, and here we go. Many months ago, during my second week […]

The First Two Months

I’ve been putting this off, writing about Bogota. Mainly because I don’t have any good ideas about where to begin. Julie Andrews playing the nun/nanny in┬áThe Sound of Music┬ácomes to mind, now and often (so weird, the media works that stay with us), exhorting her charges through song to:”…start at the very beginning. It’s a […]