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December 03

La Fama

  The Hungry. As you should be upon arrival here. I’ll be frank: I’m not a massive fan of barbeque. Charred meat doesn’t appeal to my nostrils, taste buds or aesthetic sensibilities. But when I get an invitation from lovely friends, I wouldn’t turn it down on the restaurant choice. So off to La Fama […]

October 15

Organica en El Cielo

When my friend Christy came to visit, back in June and but a few months after the move here, her initial impression was one of shock; she stood in wonder at how American the city of Bogota felt. And I had to second that observation. The cars are US-sized: no chic, miniature Euro machines here. […]

October 11

Brot – love at breakfast

The first time we went to Brot, I ordered the huevos estrellados. I believe I was under the impression that meant they were scrambled. To drink, I was done with hearing of Colombia’s famous chocolate caliente. Dipping cheese in a children’s winter treat didn’t strike me as immediately appealing. But as curiosity has a way […]

October 07


This was one of the restaurants we heard about pretty much upon arrival in Bogota. Very popular with the American (U.S.) population here. ¬†Advertised as a transplanted piece of Brooklyn style serving down-home comfort fare, Gordo (translation: fat or fatty) claims to have something for the burger-lover in all of us. Saturday night, we decided […]

September 27

Crepes and Waffles

Chain establishments are pretty much impossible to write about objectively. By their very definition, these businesses have experienced remarkable success. This makes them ripe for hyper-critical judgment. It’s so much more gratifying to extol the many virtues of your gritty, undiscovered hole-in-the-wall than to begrudgingly acknowledge that Bogota’s McDonald’s experienced an epiphany of deliciousness when […]