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October 21

Villa de Leyva

Just the drive is worth the trip. Parts of the scenery remind me of Ireland, with its different-toned and delineated plots of farm soil and lush emerald hills. Other stretches look remarkably like Colorado – colossal peaks covered with only the toughest, brittle and brownish-green vegetation. About three hours, if you leave early enough to […]

September 19

Any Given Sunday

That American football doesn’t permeate the lives of Colombians – or anyone outside the US, for that matter – is a tautology. Here in Bogota, as in all of Latin America, futbol dominates. A fun fact: on major game days, when prominent Colombian clubs face off against one another, no alcohol is served. It’s the […]

August 07

Fernando and Pablo, Medellin royalty

Today, I’m rolling with the preeminent artist of the area and one of his best recognized subjects.¬†Though I’m a big fan of Uribe, former president of Colombia, and he is indeed vitally involved in the history of Medellin and surrounding Antioquia, he will find a place in a different post. One where proper attention can […]

August 06

Roof Walkers

Well, really they’re up there to work. But I thought those two tiny silhouettes against the sky are representative of Colombia, in a few ways at least. For one, that’s insanely dangerous; so is the way Colombians drive, especially the motorcyclists. We saw the same in the complete lack of building codes evidenced all over […]

August 06

Flower Jacks

We rode the world-famous metrocable up over some of Medellin’s poorest neighborhoods. This was Saturday, one day before the Feria de las Flores, an annual parade of monumental flower creations. I’m assuming this was one of them, gigantic jacks composed with thousands of blooms.

August 01

Evening, Medellin

We had dinner at a Peruvian Fusion restaurant last night. I’m still not sure what exactly the fusion entailed, but the lomo was the best meat I’ve tasted anywhere in the country. I took this from our hotel window; I love cities at night. All the lights like two million prayer candles, shining despite manifold […]

July 31

Morning View, Medellin

Our first day here in the hometown of Pablo Escobar. Taxi driver last night took us past a sleek high-rise with several balconies, each one equipped with its own private pool. That was a complex Escobar built… And this is the city from our window, a few blocks down the street.