La Fama



The Hungry. As you should be upon arrival here.

I’ll be frank: I’m not a massive fan of barbeque. Charred meat doesn’t appeal to my nostrils, taste buds or aesthetic sensibilities. But when I get an invitation from lovely friends, I wouldn’t turn it down on the restaurant choice. So off to La Fama we went.

Recently returned from Argentina, standards for barbecue are way up. My husband’s parents have a grill that bests restaurant-quality in size, sophistication and revere (the thing has its own open-air house next to the pool). The Argentines are not ones to take meat lightly, I’ll tell you that.

So I have high experience of what barbecue can be, though I don’t necessarily like it all that much. This makes me one difficult eater to please. I’m happy to report that La Fama is up to the challenge.

I do like their decor. It reminds me of The Salt Lick in Austin. Wooden benches and tables and white paper napkins. Just like barbecue should be. It had the Austin funk vibe, too. So we started off well:


Now my friend who arranged this outing asked if we’d like to order the whole pig for the table, and you do need to let the restaurant know in advance if this is something you want. I thought: why not? We’ll try all the cuts, what fun! But be forewarned, what this means is that the entire pig will come to your table, burnt hair and eyes and the whole thing. This aspect of the meal was a massive turnoff, but I cannot fault La Fama, as this is a special order we requested. I just didn’t know what the “whole pig” meant. So, you know, be forewarned. Because I went home confronted by some serious questions about my life choices. I’m still thinking of taking up vegetarianism. After the holidays.

Aside from assaulting the old conscience, the meat was delicious. Very tasty indeed. And the sides were fantastic  – beans, potatoes, iced tea. They know what an American wants, and they deliver. Like most restaurants here, the waitstaff were also extremely accommodating to the table’s under-four age group. There were five of them.

On a Sunday afternoon, the place grew crowded quickly, a line massed around the entrance. For good reason too. La Fama is for the meat-lover, so skip lunch and hungry. You won’t be disappointed.