Brot – love at breakfast


The first time we went to Brot, I ordered the huevos estrellados. I believe I was under the impression that meant they were scrambled. To drink, I was done with hearing of Colombia’s famous chocolate caliente. Dipping cheese in a children’s winter treat didn’t strike me as immediately appealing. But as curiosity has a way of wearing off the weird, I’d come around to the idea that maybe it wasn’t so bad. I’d tried a little bite once, and I guess I just wanted to go for the gold.

Eggs and potatoes: what could go wrong? To mess that up, you’d have to really be trying. But what I experienced at Brot was  how much could go right with that little combo. It’s so easy to take those two staples and season, fry, sautee, augment, etc. Brot brings you the skillet, just eggs and potatoes, cooked perfectly with a pinch of salt, and the simplicity: It’s magnificent. I’ve been more times than I know, and I always order the same, and the huevos estrellados is always, always perfect. The chocolate caliente, too – creamy, savory and with the cheese (they have this kind here that is somehow good and also totally tasteless), – fantastic.

Brot’s largest offering is its breads, and they’re delicious as well. Especially the cinnamon roll. Getting a few pastries to go reminds me of being in Scotland, where we could pop down the street and get a fresh, hot homemade flaky croissant every day, cheap. And I love that about Brot too. I’m half-tempted to tell them they’re radically underpriced, but I feel that might be overstepping my bounds as a foreigner. Also, my Spanish isn’t up to the task. And my wallet would unequivocally vote down any such idea.

I already loved Brot, and then they had to go and play the ace card anyway. They opened up a location in a freaking red, double-decker London bus. There’s even some original signage in there, reminding passengers to take trash with them and offer their seat to women with children and the elderly. It makes me so happy, I kind of wince when I step in.

It’s unpretentious, affordable, so delicious and now available in British. Lo amo.