October 08




Una flor para volver a sonar: A flower to dream again. What a whimsical title, and so fitting for this lovely and sometimes surreal exhibition. In its sixth season, the Green Heart Foundation (Fundación Corazón Verde) has installed Aflorarte around the perimeter of Parque 93. Sixty artists are represented, all Colombian with the exception of seven international guests (hailing from Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and the Dominican Republic).

We’ve come to expect a steady stream of special events at Parque 93. Usually, they just annoy me. Thirty years early, I’ve become a curmudgeon. What can I say? I like my routine, and I don’t like it being disrupted by cheese festivals. I mean, I like cheese, I’ve got nothing against it. But I’m infinitely more devoted to turning the corner at Juan Valdez and seeing unhampered green space waiting peacefully for a nice stroll. With movistar rallies and temporary fashion runways and all manner of invaders, I’ve learned to hope for the best and expect to be disappointed at Parque 93.

But  Aflorarte is my kind of intrusion. Because it’s not intrusive at all. I’m going to assume all artists were given the same basic materials and guidelines, mainly to build some vision of a dream flower. I’m simplifying, grossly and inadequately; but that’s the gist. And as these sculptures are neatly arranged outside the park, together they create a colorful enclosure –  like a neon-clad peace army – which highlights the function of a park in the first place: to be a separate, natural escape from the noise and grime of the city.

I love it. Christie’s will be auctioning off all flowers after the exhibit ends (it runs through October 21st). I wish I were able to take one home with me. A dream indeed. I’ll have to live it up in the moment for now, and visit these iron petals while they’re blooming free of charge.

photo-2 treeflor photo copy