Monthly Archives: October 2013

October 29

Jardin Botanico

Rarely in my life have I been as regularly conflicted as I am in Bogota. When friends and family ask what I think about the city, ¬†about life here in general, finding a straightforward answer becomes impossible. I meander instead, trying to be articulate about all the perks (nanny, maid, walking distance to everything, two […]

October 21

Villa de Leyva

Just the drive is worth the trip. Parts of the scenery remind me of Ireland, with its different-toned and delineated plots of farm soil and lush emerald hills. Other stretches look remarkably like Colorado – colossal peaks covered with only the toughest, brittle and brownish-green vegetation. About three hours, if you leave early enough to […]

October 16

A premier hike

  I know, I know, it looks just like Jurassic Park. I’m just waiting for Jeff Goldblum to stroll up in his hipster glasses and leather jacket, making wry comments about how nature will find a way. This morning, we climbed up a mountain (oh how I wish I’d stopped to verify the name), making […]

October 16

Just east of Bogota

Morning weather is rarely so good. Bogota’s enormous size: you start to get a feel for it at this altitude.

October 16

The Big Game

The color here is yellow. On Friday, everywhere I look, they’re selling neon jerseys. Flower vendors, traveling kiosk stands, the regular park entrepreneurs. I should have bought one. A friend of mine reserved a group table at El Sitio, which I recently learned means simply: The Place. I like the name. Hey, you wanna get […]

October 15

Organica en El Cielo

When my friend Christy came to visit, back in June and but a few months after the move here, her initial impression was one of shock; she stood in wonder at how American the city of Bogota felt. And I had to second that observation. The cars are US-sized: no chic, miniature Euro machines here. […]

October 11

Brot – love at breakfast

The first time we went to Brot, I ordered the huevos estrellados. I believe I was under the impression that meant they were scrambled. To drink, I was done with hearing of Colombia’s famous chocolate caliente. Dipping cheese in a children’s winter treat didn’t strike me as immediately appealing. But as curiosity has a way […]