Monthly Archives: July 2013

July 31

Morning View, Medellin

Our first day here in the hometown of Pablo Escobar. Taxi driver last night took us past a sleek high-rise with several balconies, each one equipped with its own private pool. That was a complex Escobar built… And this is the city from our window, a few blocks down the street.

July 25


The last night of my life as a 20-something I spent at a historic resort off the coast of a warm and blustery Caribbean Sea. I took the laptop with me to the Sofitel pool and started writing. What became clear: an effort to summarize a turbulent, magnificent decade in one 60-minute swoop of furious […]

July 22

Tourist Time – Andres

Well, this was fun. It was the first time Lucas and I have been legitimately out together in the city, just adults without the little one along for the ride. Also, we’ve made some friends here, and that’s been a relief and also just encouraging to the ego. I’ve realized I can converse, provided it […]

July 22

Tourist Time – Monserrate

Second to La Candelaria, traveling up to the cathedral on the peak of Monserrate was another favorite outing. I have no clue as to the history of the church, as it was rainy, windy and generally miserable weather, particularly with dozens of stone steps and a stroller. Searching for informative plaques in English was not […]

July 22

Tourist Time – La Candelaria

Christy spent last week with us, visiting from Austin and loving the eternal autumn weather we enjoy down here in Bogota. Sixty-eight degrees fahrenheit is nirvana when coming from central Texas in July, no doubt. But even after four months, I still appreciate the daily call for sweaters, blazers and scarves. Fall fashion trumps all […]

July 17

Iglesia de Lourdes

Or, the candy-cane church